Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Gold Price slides as worries push dollars higher


Gold prices plunged on Thursday as concerns about trade war between the US and China emerged. Market currencies weakened, investors were pushed buy US currency and lead to gold prices depression.

Gold price fell 0.6 percent to $ 1193.78 per ounce in late New York market time. It was the lowest in two and a half weeks at $ 1189.20 in the market. Gold futures were down $ 7.50, or 0.6 percent, to $ 1199.20.

The dollar edged up 0.34 percent to 95.464. Generally, the dollar strength lowers the gold price.


Silver prices fell 2.2 percent to $ 14.14 an ounce. During the market time, price fell till $ 13.97, lowest in two years and six months.

Platinum fell 1.40 percent to $ 772.50 an ounce. The price fell to $ 761.80 in the market, the lowest since the 16th of last month.

Palladium fell 0.2 percent to $ 980.05 per ounce. In the market, it reached $ 988.47, the highest level in about three months.

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