Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Copper Price Plunged For 2 Weeks Due To US-China Trade War


Copper prices rose slightly on July 7, but still, it remained lowest over last14 months. The weekly record fell for two consecutive weeks due to worries that demand from the US and global top copper consumer disputes could fall.

Copper closed at $ 5,933 per ton, rose 0.1 percent from its open offerings at London Metal Exchange (LME). The weekly record fell 0.7%. Copper prices have fallen by 20% since early June due to the US-China trade war.

Aluminum rose 1.4 percent to $ 2,069 per ton. The weekly record fell 2.6%. Nickel fell 0.7 percent to $ 13,255 while zinc fell 0.9 percent to $ 2,420.

Lead rose 2.1 percent to $ 2,078 a tonne. The tin rose 1.1 percent to $ 90,555 per ton.

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