Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Home Screen

Here is what the MT4 Platform main screen looks like:

  • Main Menu

You can access the program menu and settings.

  • Tool bar

You can quick access many features and settings.

  • Market Watch window

Market Watch window contains security name, the bid and ask price, and time.

  • Navigator Window

Where you can perform majority of your functions, such as logging into other accounts, using indicators, scripts and EA’s.

  • Chart Window

Where you can view various types of charts such as, bar, line and candlestick charts. It can be displayed simultaneously.

  • Terminal Window

You can view your account history and trade information.

Market Watch

The Market Watch windows allows you to view real-time quotes.

To easily access the “Market Watch” display, you can access it by pressing Ctrl+M, or by clicking the View tab and find the Market Watch, or by clicking the button in the standard tool bar.

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