Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Main Screen

New Order – You can open and close a position or set a new order. You can also easily access it by pressing the F9 button.



Chart Window – Opens up the chart for the selected currency pair.



Tick Chart – Opens up the tick chart for the selected instrument.


Symbols – Enables the window where you can control selected instruments.


Hide – Removes the indicated instrument from the Market Watch list.


Hide All – Hides all symbols from the list of Market Watch, except for ones that are in use in your positions.


Show All – Displays all symbols in the Market Watch window.


Sets – Save/edit/delete the custom settings for the Market Watch window


High/low – Allows you to view the highest and lowest prices for each symbol.



Time – Allows you to view the arrival time of the latest quote for each instrument.


Grid – Hides and unhides grid line display in the Market Watch window.


Popup Prices – Opens the popup window containing real time quotes.



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